Driving the Camel: Installment #5


Chapter 4: You Have to Point it Down

Of course not everything revolved around my cancer. Life has a way of constantly unfolding in and around crises, and one of my dearest friends was on the cusp of a wonderful life transition. I’d known Isabel since my days in graduate school when we acted as course assistants for a beloved professor and mentor. When I received the call to teach at the college, I’d invited Isabel to co-teach with me. Our friendship had grown from there. We’d shared many meals deep in conversation about our lives, sipping sake and sharing our mutual adoration of food. She encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and we’d gone on yearly vacations together, exploring places I had never even thought of visiting.  But all throughout those fun times, she had always wanted to be a mother. As an early childhood educator, she visited the homes of families and performed assessments for infants and toddlers with suspected delays. Isabel loved babies more than anyone I knew, but at the age of 46, had yet to find a mate who shared her dreams of family.  

The year before I got sick, Isabel made the announcement that she would go it alone and began the laborious process of applying to be an adoptive parent. I drove her to the adoption agency located in Pennsylvania, so that she could make a video to be shown to prospective birth parents. It was a sunny spring day and we enjoyed escaping the city as we headed southwest through New Jersey. Continue reading