This Little Light of Mine

To Look or not to Look: That is the Question

In times of uncertainty, when there is so much out of our control, one of the things that is within our control is how we show up for others. And how we show up for others often has a lot to do with how we show up for ourselves. Since my posting last week, my self care regimen has taken on a whole new look — prayer and yoga are now online rather than in person. Each day I have decisions to make about how I spend my time, who I am in contact with via phone and video conference, and how I interact with others.

Child life specialists are trained to acknowledge and respect the many and varied coping mechanisms of children and families in hospitals. We are trained to assess, respond to, and expand these coping skills. For example, some children like to watch when they are undergoing an iv insertion. Others would prefer to close their eyes, blow bubbles, or search for items in an I Spy book. Some children want to know every detail about their diagnosis and treatment, while others prefer to skip the details.

One thought on “This Little Light of Mine

  1. This was perfectly timed for me. Each night, a group text goes back and forth between good friends of mine. Usually, it has been a funny story, a meme or GIF, or an invitation to do something together. The past few nights have been all about Covid 19 and the spiraling changes that have come with it. I find that reading all of that in the evening is really making me anxious and I ruminate over the comments as I try to shut my mind off to go to bed. I’ve been interjecting more positive texts to try to move the conversation, but it hasn’t worked. Today, I’ve been trying to decide if I should just tell the others how this makes me feel and opt out for a while. I’m going to take this advice and tell them, and then see if perhaps some others feel the way I do and want to get back to the more positive and fun topics, or if they need this place to vent their worries at the end of the day. Either way, I love them all and need to respect what they need to get to the other side of this current craziness. Thanks Deb!

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